• Direct to shareholder

Equity partnership

  • Bank recapitalisation and restructuring


  • Acquired 100% shareholding through takeover of entire Slovak portfolio in complete recapitalisation and restructing agreement with banks

Value Creation

  • Completed the bank restructuring and actively managing the assets to stabilise income de-level the bank debt and increase value

Property Type

  • Multi-purpose 40,000 m2
  • Lodging & Hospitality (4-star hotel, 177 rooms)
  • Office/retail 22,000 m2
  • City-centre Parking (420 under-ground parking place)

See property website for further details: www.carlton.sk/?lang=en

Key Facts
Location Slovak Republic
Deal type Capital sponsor restructuring
Property type Hotel with 40,000 m2 multi-use office, retail, hotel and 420 place car park
Closing date 2006
Origination Direct
Status Under management